I typically begin my coaching appointments with a “check-in” question to get a feel for where the client is at.
“How are you today from zero to ten – with ten being awesome?” Or…
“Choose one word that best describes how you’re feeling today.”

You get the idea.

Lately, I have been test driving some new questions to see where they take us.
“Choose five words to describe how you are not feeling today” brought some interesting responses and even stumped a few clients. (I like to throw them off every once in awhile 😉.)

Today, I was wondering how our initial expectations or approach to the day impacts what actually happens. So in curiosity, I launched with “What outlook or attitude did you approach the day with?”

It seems reasonable to believe that our “wake-up” thoughts and expectations for the day will influence what follows, but I am curious, what’s your experience?



Mental blueprints and giant erasers

“Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?”
This is definitely one of my favourite lines from the movie The Matrix! How often do we make assumptions and impose unnecessary limitations on ourselves?

Now, as you’re reading this, I doubt that you are plugged into a VR simulation. But do you think about the fact that at any given time you are living in at least four different realms at once?

The physical world
The mental world
The emotional world
The spiritual world

And what most of us don’t realize is that the physical realm is just a “printout” of the other three.

Let’s suppose you have just written a letter on your laptop. You hit the print key and ta-da…the letter comes out of your printer. You look at your hard copy, and lo and behold you find a typo. So you take out your trusty eraser and rub out the typo. Then you hit the print button again.

What the heck? The new copy has the same typo. How can this be? You just erased it!

So this time you get a BIGGER eraser and you try even harder and longer. You even study a three hundred page manual called Effective Erasing. Now you’ve got all the tools and knowledge you need. You’re ready. You hit print and…there it is AGAIN!

“No way!” you cry out, stunned. “What’s going on here? Am I in the twilight zone?”

What’s going on here is that the real problem cannot be changed in the “printout”, the physical world; it can only be changed in the “program”, the mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds.

Our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are the blueprints of our results. Your “outer world” is simply a reflection of your “inner world”.

Beliefs & Thoughts → Feelings → Actions → Results.

If you aren’t happy with your results in life, ask yourself, “What was I thinking?”
(but not in the judgmental, smack your forehead kind of way)


(I borrowed this story from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker)